用于生产带柔性涂层的聚氨酯保温板的连续型夹层板设备,主要用于房屋屋顶和工业屋顶的绝热以及墙壁、地板和天花板的绝缘。市场领导者的生产系统,值得您的信赖!我们可以为您提供全面的系统解决方案,通过使用程序系统和处理系统,以最快的速度实现包装完备且可运输的最终产品。得益于其全面的产品组合,HENNECKE-OMS 在夹层板生产这一特殊领域中拥有反应技术方面的全部设备,以及至成品包装和堆叠为止的整个处理流程的全部设备。其中还融合了原材料处理流程链以及全面罐储解决方案方面的专业知识。当然,我们也能够为含有戊烷的生产设备实现安全设计、生产计划和工艺技术,以始终确保安全运行。 

HENNECKE-OMS 连续型生产系统由独立的功能组构成,其通过最先进的程序数据管理系统互相连接。我们的聚氨酯保温板连续型生产系统通常包括以下组件:

Unwinding and preheating section

The PANELMASTER FLEX production line begins with equipment designed to manage and prepare rolls of flexible substrate for the foaming and lamination process. Upper, lower and side unwinders handle the rolls of paper, foil, film or other flexible substrates as they are unrolled, heated and put into the correct position before foaming.

The unwinding and preheating section usually includes the following parts:

  • Double unwinding unit
  • Web control accumulator
  • Preheating unit

Mixing and metering

HENNECKE-OMS supplies the complete equipment for the efficient metering, storage, feeding and monitoring of raw materials and additives.  The metering units are responsible for the homogenous mixing of the reactive components polyol and isocynanate, as well as various additives (e.g. catalysts, blowing agents, curing agents, flame retardants). HENNECKE-OMS panel production lines rely on a well-planned arrangement of individual units and state-of-the-art machine components. This guarantees the customer a uniform and fine cell structure and an efficient raw material yield, leading to optimal foam properties and significant raw material savings.

The raw material dispensing equipment, or wet part, usually comprises the following parts:

  • Metering units
  • Component blending and gas loading system
  • Temperature and mass flow control

Foaming and lamination

The foaming and lamination section represents HENNECKE-OMS’s accumulated expertise in high-pressure polyurethane processing. It is the essential part of the high-speed panel production line, where polyurethane foam is dispensed between the two flexible facings to create laminated insulation boards with the desired properties and thickness.

This section usually comprises the following parts:

  • Foaming portal
  • Mixhead
  • Laydown table
  • Laminator (double-belt conveyor)

Cooling and post-processing section

Our post-processing equipment for insulation boards with flexible facings ranges from single and multi-disc crosscut saws to automated handling systems for panel cooling, side trimming, edge profiling, stacking and packaging of the final product.

The cooling and post-processing section is usually made up of the following parts:

  • Flying crosscut saw
  • Cooling unit
  • Emergency stacker
  • Longitudinal trimming and profiling unit
  • Multi-blade cutting unit with direct-pass-through functionality
  • Transversal profiling unit
  • Turning unit (flipper)
  • Wire cutting unit

Stacking and packaging section

The fully automated packaging section is designed to produce variable stacks of boards and to wrap these stacks into packs, which are then put together to form a combination of multiple packs.

This section usually includes the following parts:

  • Pack preparation area
  • Shrink foil packaging unit
  • Package stacker and turning unit
  • Wrapping systems
  • Foot block insertion
  • Double pack stacker
  • Unloading area

Plant control system

The PANELMASTER FLEX automation system uses state-of-the-art, computer-aided systems that ensure maximum operational reliability and enable fast and largely automated product changes. The intuitive visualization provides optimum support to the plant operators with these tasks.

The plant control system usually comprises the following parts:

  • “Wet-end” control
  • “Dry-end” control
  • Pentane Process Technology (PPT) concept

Tank farm equipment

HENNECKE-OMS can also provide the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and technology for complete turnkey tank farm solutions. Our global experience forms the foundation of highly-efficient concepts in consideration of different local rules and regulations.

The tank farm equipment usually includes:

  • Tank storage facility for polyol, isocyanate and additives
  • Tank storage facility for pentane