We provide services relating to the demonstration, development and optimization of your polyurethane-based product ideas

We are in direct contact with R&D facilities and leading raw material manufacturers to make sure that all our customers benefit from the continuous innovation of our HENNECKE-OMS product portfolio. Our TECHCENTER facilities within the HENNECKE GROUP take it a step further and demonstrate our potential for innovation and our leading technological position in the field of polyurethane processing. The in-house TECHCENTER offers technology for polyurethane processing based on reactive plastics for a variety of applications. This includes process development or testing raw material as well as product development and product optimization. In our TECHCENTER we also offer training sessions and customer demonstrations. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

For questions about our service portfolio in the HENNECKE-OMS TECHCENTER, please contact techcenter@hennecke-oms.com