Comprehensive services for efficient and reliable production

The HENNECKE-OMS 360°SERVICE offers you a variety of services at competitive conditions. All users have access to a customized package of appropriate measures which guarantee maximum plant availability. Does your company use HENNECKE-OMS machine and plant technology? Then you will want to secure optimum support from the experts. In doing so, you will ensure impeccable long-term operation of your HENNECKE-OMS machine or plant.

HENNECKE-OMS’s 360°SERVICE is available to you at any time on the following numbers / email address:
Service hotline: +39 0362 983-262 (-230)
Service fax: +39 0362 983-217
Email: service@hennecke-oms.com


Spare part competence from a single source

An effective way of preventing costly production losses right from the start is to use original spare parts under manufacturer's warranty. Save yourself from searching for alternative spare parts suppliers - our 360°SPARE PART SERVICE is attractive not only due to reliable availability and fast delivery, but also represents great value for money.


Fast, reliable, professional

The operational life of machines and systems can often be significantly extended by a cost-effective upgrade of various components. Our 360°REPAIR SERVICE offers a wide range of components which can be hired at attractive prices. This changes nothing in the performance, which remains as good as ever. In addition, the 360°REPAIR SERVICE minimizes the risk of unplanned system outages right from the start due to preventative measures and comprehensive user training.


Qualified support, remote service and process monitoring

With 360°CONNECT, the expertise of our technical service support specialists is directly available to our customers all over the world without the need for time-consuming travel. Thanks to a modern digital infrastructure, our qualified and extensive support services are only a few clicks away. Based on a continually secure data connection, we offer you, for example, various tools for production or process monitoring. This also includes targeted isolation of possible problems or faults in the production process. With the 360°SERVICE portal, our customers also benefit from a well-developed ticket management system and can access the current version of the machine or plant documentation at any time. Of course our first-level support is also available by telephone around the clock.


Optimize production, minimize risks

With our 360°PREVENTIVE SERVICE, you can optimize your production with transparent fixed costs and at the same time minimize a great number of risks. The preventive measures include regular production inspections. Tailor-made inspection plans are drawn up to monitor all relevant parameters and for maintenance and cleaning measures, as well as readjustments and optimization. The 360°PREVENTIVE SERVICE efficiently extends the lifespan of your plant and considerably reduces the workload for your operating staff.


Innovation for retrofitting

360°Retrofit offers you patented innovations for fast and simple retrofitting. This will effectively optimize your machine's performance and secure additional decisive advantages for your production at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio. Our 360°Retrofit service is continuously improved through further innovative measures for retrofitting, where efficiency and customer benefit are the key. This is about more than a spare part - it's about innovation for retrofitting.


Fit for PUR

Our 360°TRAINING program offers you professional and practice-oriented courses and seminars at competitive prices in our purpose-built training center. The main focus is on how to properly use the HENNECKE-OMS machine and plant technology as well as on targeted and successful troubleshooting.

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