An innovative, sustainable, high-pressure PUR metering add-on for quick mixing of liquids with solids

The ECOFILLER PLUS belongs to a range of Hennecke GROUP projects aiming to offer market players more sustainable technologies and services along the polyurethane processing chain. Developed in several stages, the ECOFILLER PLUS utilizes new technology for re-introducing PUR cuttings and material waste from the customer's own rigid foam production back into the production process. This makes production more resource-efficient, whilst protecting the environment at the same time. Besides recycling, the main use of the ECOFILLER is to obtain a final product with improved fire behavior thanks to the specific use of powders as flame retardant.

The ECOFILLER PLUS features an innovative loading, preparation and mixing stage for the liquid media, and solid fillers, as well as offering a number of other benefits:

- instantaneous mixing
- more frequent mixing loads
- reduced mixing time
- improved mixing quality
- formulation modification via the HMI whilst production is running.

The ECOFILLER PLUS is supplied as an add-on to metering units, and comprises a modular and compact basic structure, grouping the tanks and the various metering units (liquid, fillers and mixture), as well as the electrical control and management panel, making the unit plug and play. With applications ranging from sandwich panels to metering, foaming and slabstock, the ECOFILLER PLUS is the perfect complement to all Hennecke GROUP product lines.  

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