Plant technology for the continuous production of insulating panels with a core structure made of polyurethane 

Continuous sandwich panel lines for producing polyurethane insulting panels with flexible facings are primarily used for heat insulation of house and industrial roofs as well as wall, floor and ceiling insulation. Trust in the production system of a global leader! We offer comprehensive system solutions which are able to produce packaged and stacked end products at high speed, due to the use of process and handling systems. Thanks to our comprehensive product portfolio in this special segment of sandwich panel production, HENNECKE-OMS has all the necessary equipment at its disposal for each stage of the process, from the reaction technology and handling up to the packaging and stacking of the finished panels. This naturally includes our expert knowledge of the process chain for handling raw materials as well as comprehensive tank farm solutions.  Of course we are also in a position to implement safety design, production planning and process technology for production plants with pentane, to ensure safe operation at all times.

HENNECKE-OMS continuous production systems comprise of stand-alone functional groups which can be joined together using state-of-the-art process information control systems. Our continuous production lines for polyurethane insulating panels usually comprise of the following sections: