Low-pressure metering machines for Wet Compression Moulding applications (WCM)

Wet compression moulding processes are gaining increasing importance in the manufacture of continuous fiber-reinforced structural components with simple geometries and at the same time extremely short cycle times. With its low-pressure JETLINE metering machine, HENNECKE-OMS offers its customers a tailor-made system to meet the continually growing demand in this emerging area of application. The compact metering machine is deliberately not intended for the widest possible range of applications and concentrates exclusively on a highly efficient production process for any WCM application. The new JETLINE offers top process stability, highly reliable components and a robust machine layout. And HENNECKE-OMS' decades of experience in low-pressure processing of reactive plastic systems are included as standard. As a part of the Hennecke GROUP, HENNECKE-OMS additionally has access to Hennecke Polyurethane Technology's years of processing expertise in (continuous) fiber composite manufacture. Customers are thus able to benefit from the know-how of both PU specialists. The JETLINE system offers significant advantages for simple continuous fiber-reinforced plastics - its level of automation and specific cycle time provide the highest efficiency and product quality.