Robust and reliable low-pressure metering machines for a broad spectrum of applications in polyurethane processing

The IMPACT series plant concept demonstrates our extensive expertise in the production of polyurethane foaming machines. In developing these machines, we focused our knowledge on the needs of our customers. The modern low-pressure system is tailored to meet users' diverse needs in the low-pressure processing of polyurethane raw materials. Thanks to a fully graphical Siemens display screen, the compact low-pressure metering machines provide an intuitive and user-friendly configuration of the machine parameters, status displays and casting times. During development of the IMPACT machines, particular emphasis was put on simplifying and effectively reducing maintenance times. When selecting a suitable stirrer, we make it easy for our customers: The entire IMPACT series relies on the robust and reliable ULTIMIX low-pressure stirrer mixheads. As well as ensuring that the reactive components are homogeneously mixed, the reactive mixer allows other components such as colours or catalysts to be added directly into the mixing chamber. 

Component tanks and temperature control system

The standard version of the IMPACT series includes two 100 litre high-quality steel working tanks. The tank unit has a wide range of features in the standard scope of delivery. The screwed covers are removable which makes maintenance works easier. A spout can be used for manual filling. Each IMPACT machine also contains an optical filling level indicator and a dry cartridge to prevent the build-up of crystalline. As an option, the tank unit can be fitted with automatic filling lines or an automatic refilling control system. The temperature in the component return line is controlled by a heat exchanger made of non-corrosive steel. Integrated electric resistance heating and cooling water solenoid valves are also available for temperature control. The medium temperatures are monitored by a sensor and actively regulated by the PLC. For the IMPACT series 2 and 4, the temperature is controlled using double-walled tanks fitted with stirrers. Heating cartridges integrated into the component tanks are responsible for the heating, whilst the cooling takes place through the circulation of cold water from an external chiller unit.

Metering pumps

The IMPACT machine's metering line includes precise and independently controlled gear pumps with asynchronous motors. The double sealed pumps contain an integrated lubricant circuit. Frequency convertors ensure that the pump speed is precisely regulated. The speed can be set centrally via the operator panel and is linked to one of 19 preselectable metering programs as standard. The user can read the working pressure from the pressure gauge on the upstream side of each metering line. The maximum operating pressure of the pump is 15 bar. A pressure switch provides additional security to the user and allows the machine to be turned off if there is any excess pressure.


Low-pressure ULTIMIX stirrer mixheads ensure a reliable and uniform mixing of the reactive components The ULTIMIX mixheads are controlled by a pneumatic unit, and the recirculation and output pressures can be configurated to ensure a constant and homogenous production result. This is achieved using nozzles with different diameters and special valves in a recirculation loop. The geometry of the mixing chamber and the type of mixer are adjusted to the application according to the flow rate desired and the raw materials selected. ULTIMIX mixheads are easy to maintain thanks to a special seal on the mixer shaft which is automatically lubricated during the casting phase. The mixhead is driven by a three-phase motor with a variable speed control which ensures optimal mixing of the components. ULTIMIX mixheads can also be extended with the option of two colour metering lines.

Machine control system

The innovative machine control system of the IMPACT series is universally based on high quality Siemens components. This ensures reliability and readily available service and spare parts. A fully graphic operator panel provides the interface between the user and the control system and shows all the parameters in a logically structured manner. In addition, the control system is self-diagnostic and checks that all variables are within their preset working range. The operator is visually and acoustically informed of any variations and receives notifications in plain text to help solve any problems. All functions controlled by the PLC are continuously monitored using pre-programmed minimum and maximum set value alarms. If a process variable exceeds the default values, the system intervenes and activates (depending on the type of alarm) the procedures required to ensure safe working conditions at all times. The system is also easy to operate during maintenance works. All major elements of the metering machine signal any necessary maintenance works in relation to the working hours or the cycle.

Cleaning cycle

All IMPACT machines feature an integrated cleaning cycle. This includes a pressurized stainless steel tank for the cleaning agent with a capacity of 18 liters, as well as a solenoid valve for automatic cleaning and drying of the mixing chamber and outlet pipe using compressed air. In addition, the system has a time switch for setting the solvent amount and air volume. A special manual valve allows the mixhead to be cleaned by hand, for example in the event of a power failure.

Optional equipment and additional components

For the IMPACT series, we offer our customers a wide selection of useful additional features which extend the range of applications of the compact low-pressure metering machines.

  • Component tank with stirrer
  • Stainless steel component tank
  • Capacitive or probe automation
  • Volumetric or mass flow meter
  • Filter on pump intake side
  • Electro-pneumatic refill valve
  • Pneumatic diaphragm pump
  • Low-pressure colour metering unit
  • Speed indicator for pumps and mixers
  • Programmable casting module with 99 programs
  • Recooling unit
  • Pre-casting cycle
  • Balancer (Jollymatic model)
  • Operator panel with LCD colour display 
  • Mixer motor with frequency control
  • Programmable temperature control and recirculation when not in production
  • Magnet coupling
  • Mixhead cleaning system

Technical data

Connected load:
400V @ 50Hz; 3 phases incl. neutral conductor (other voltages on request)

Compressed air:
dry industrial air / 8 bar

Working temperature:
+10°C to +35°C


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