The ECOPLUS series

Compact high-pressure metering machines for a wide range of standard applications

With ECOPLUS, polyurethane processors rely on a powerful and compact machine system for the efficient high-pressure metering of polyurethane which also saves on raw materials. The fact that over 500 units have been sold worldwide in the last 10 years speaks for itself. The series is manufactured at our Verano Brianza site near Milan. When developing the ECOPLUS, we primarily focused on providing simple and intuitive configuration of all machine parameters. This is particularly beneficial to those who are new to high-pressure polyurethane processing and makes the ECOPLUS an ideal alternative to low-pressure systems and their system-related disadvantages.

Metering Line

The ECOPLUS metering line is available in 1:1 or 2:1 variants and, depending on the machine version, has a discharge capacity of 6l/min up to 160l/min. The standard configuration of this series of high-pressure machines is equipped with fixed output axial piston pumps driven by a frequency controlled motor. This allows for output variations without any manual adjustment on the pumps. Horizontally mounted, the double sealed pump is fitted with a safety pressure relief valve on the feeding line with by-pass to the return line. The intake side of the pump is fitted with a cartridge filter. A digital, double-contact type pressure gauge is fitted to the feed side of the metering pump to control the mixing pressure. On the suction side of the pump, a single-contact type gauge controls the minimum feeding pressure.

ECOMIX Y2K mixhead

The reliable, self-cleaning, high-pressure ECOMIX Y2K mixheads are made in an L-form and fitted with two hydraulic pistons. The geometry of the mixing chamber guarantees optimal mixing of the components, and the outlet system ensures a largely laminar outlet flow. All Y2K mixheads have backwards angular injectors (single V-shaped) which make the mixing even more efficient. The hydraulic equipment and the component circulation system are strictly separated which prevents malfunctioning or production downtime and effectively averts contamination. A further safety feature is the automated movement of the control piston into the recirculation position which avoids damage to the plant, for example during power failure. In the standard configuration, the mixhead is fitted with an intuitive and robust operator panel which displays the pre-configured metering program at the push of a button. This means that during normal foaming operation the operator can remain at the workplace by the mixhead. ECOMIX Y2K mixheads are manufactured exclusively by HENNECKE-OMS at the Verano Brianza site.

Component tanks and temperature control system

The standard version of the ECOPLUS series includes two 100 liter high-quality, double walled, steel component tanks with heating cartridge and efficient insulation. This ensures a constant component temperature. For applications with higher shot frequencies or large volume outputs, an optional tube bundle heat exchanger is available. In addition, the component temperatures are monitored by sensors controlled by the machine PLC. Each component tank is equipped with a wide range of standard features. As part of the pressurization system, the tank includes a pressure regulation valve and manometer as well as a safety relief valve calibrated at 4 bar. The component tanks comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Compliance with other pressure directives is available as an option. A reliable, slow speed stirrer ensures a homogenous temperature distribution inside the tank even without running the metering pumps. In addition, each machine is equipped with a visual component level indicator and flanged and removable lids.

Machine control system

The innovative machine control system of the ECOPLUS series is universally based on high quality Siemens components. This ensures reliability and readily available service and spare parts. All machine variables and working parameters are set through an operator panel functioning as an interface between the PLC and the operator. In addition, the control system is self-diagnostic and checks that all variables are within their pre-set working range. There are 99 programs available as standard. Should a process variable exceed the default value, the system intervenes and (depending on the type of alarm) activates the procedures required to ensure safe working conditions at all times.

Optional equipment

For the ECOPLUS series, we offer our customers a wide selection of useful additional features which extend the application range of the compact high-pressure metering machines significantly:

  • Manually operated self-cleaning filters (through a hand-wheel)
  • Heat exchanger for the component recirculation line
  • Programmable temperature control and recirculation when not in production
  • Voltage variation according to geographical area
  • Mixhead spring balancer (Jollymatic model)
  • Volumetric flow meters or mass flow meters
  • Spring-loaded constant pressure injectors
  • 20 l, 50 l, 250 l or 500 l component tanks
  • Process data capture via USB port
  • PLC Allen Bradley
  • Chiller unit for cold water circulation
  • Refilling system from drum or container incl. pump
  • Refilling system from tank farm without pump
  • Electro-pneumatic loading valves
  • Extended boom
  • Magnetic coupling between electric motor and high-pressure metering pump
  • Capacitive filling level probe
  • Low-pressure recirculation valve
  • Colour unit
  • Air dryer
  • Fast pouring sequence
  • Head extension with “air-shot” cleaning
  • Horizontally positioned mixhead
  • Machine supplied without boom
  • Compliance with pressure directives such as PED, ASME and Chinese certification

Technical data

General specifications of the ECOPLUS series:

Connected load:
400V @ 50Hz; 3 phases incl. neutral conductor (other voltages on request)

Compressed air:
dry industrial air (6 to 8 bar)

Working temperature:
+10°C to +35°C

Component max. safety pressure:
250 bar

Processing temperature in the work tank:

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