The EL/CAL series from HENNECKE-OMS

Robust and reliable low-pressure elastomer casting machines for high and low-temperature applications

The EL and CAL series of low-pressure machines were developed by HENNECKE-OMS for processing high viscocity elastomers at high temperatures. For temperature-controlled processing of up to three components, the EL and CAL machines meet the special requirements of elastomer processing and ensure high quality for a wide spectrum of end products. Even the standard machine layout includes all equipment components that are required and useful for processing elastomer systems. Customers produce highly conclusive production results at an excellent price-performance ratio. HENNECKE-OMS intentionally offers two machine versions for elastomer processing; they differ primarily in how the temperature of the media is controlled. The CAL machine version is designed for processing elastomer systems at low temperatures. An operating temperature of between 40°C and 70°C can be set independently for each component. In contrast, the EL machine version is ideal for high temperature applications. Here the components can be heated independently from 40°C to a maximum of 110°C.