Polyurethane metering machines

Modular machine systems for high and low-pressure polyurethane processing

Ever since its foundation, HENNECKE-OMS has concentrated on designing modular machine systems which allow for the most efficient and uniform mixing of the reactive components polyol and isocyanate. Machines like the ECOPLUS or the IMPACT have long been the standard in their respective market segments for countless polyurethane processors all over the world. Within the HENNECKE GROUP we offer you high and low-pressure metering machines exclusively through the portfolio of Hennecke Polyurethane Technology. The ECOPLUS, EL/CAL, IMPACT and JETLINE machines can now be found there. Hennecke represents mixing and metering with no compromises on quality using machine technology for every conceivable and inconceivable application. Here you will find more information about the innovative metering machines and mixhead technology from the PU specialists based in Sankt Augustin (Germany) and their global network of experts: www.hennecke.com/products/dosing/overview